Some Categories cross over into one another and so it's not always easy to define one in relation to another. Below are general guidelines for you, if you find them confusing.



3D Art (Art done in Poser, Maya, 3DS MAX, DAZ, VUE, Bryce, etc. - may have digital post-work.)

Digital Art (Digital Painting, Digital Painting over Photos/Mixed Media, composites, etc.)


Artistic Nudes: Nudes done in the old masters' style: traditional poses, no genitals showing or not prominently displayed, tastefully done. Generally with a simple background.

Beefcake: Male pinups and figure studies - nude or otherwise. May or may not show genitalia. 

Erotic Art: Art that is intended to evoke erotic arousal, sensual and suggestive. Lovemaking may be portrayed but 'suggested' rather than showing actual penetration, or what is generally considered pornographic. Foreplay, 'dirty-dancing', etc. Read the TOS for the site, if you're not sure.

Fan Art: Homages to movie star pinups like Grable, Russell, West, Monroe, Swanson, Pickford, Baker, Newmar, Page etc. Your version of Petty Girls, Gibson Girls, Vargas Girls, etc. Any art portraying your version of a character that was originally created by someone else - i.e. characters from games, literature, movies, comics, etc - like Vampirella, Barbarella, Stupifyin' Jones & other Al Capp girls/guys, Conan-style, etc.

Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Here's where you put your gangsters, gun-molls, aliens, faeries, warriors, cyborgs, etc. Also Pinup Noir.

Glamour/Boudoir: The image is intended to display the figure in lingerie, bedroom, shower, stockings and garters, and cute little outfits.

Gothic/Horror: Here is where you put evil nurses, zombies, were-beasts, vampires, etc. Violence is only implied not shown, but blood splatters and drips are allowed.

Historic/Militaria: Bomber Girls, Airplane Nose-art, WWII posters, girls/guys in or out of uniform, historical figures, characters, etc.

Modern Pinups: Pinups done in a style that is not 'classic' style. These pinups may or may not have genitalia displayed (Please use 'Strict Warning' for those). Think advertising pinups for products, new cars, etc.; in modern situations and settings, doing modern things - i.e. pole-dancers, nude erotic-dancers, BDSM-style.

Retro/Classic Pinups: Done in the style of the old-school pin-up artists like Vargas, Petty, Elvgren, etc.

Transportation Pinups: Pinups on motorcycles, boats, cars, trains, rockets and planes (non-militaria). Generally simple backgrounds but not always.




The above categories cross over into these below, but these have some special categories, which are defined separately here:


Traditional Art (Art done old-style - paints, charcoal, pastels, pen & ink, pencils, etc.)

Cartoons & Comics: Traditional cartoon and comic-like characters.

Manga & Anime: Manga are Japanese style comics portraying the following: action-adventure, romance, sports and games, historical drama, comedy, science fiction and fantasy, mystery, suspense, detective, horror, sexuality, and business/commerce, among others. Anime is short for 'Animated' and features colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes.

Roughs and Sketches: Ideas for upcoming images. Playing around sketching.


Photography (Art that is entirely done with camera/photos)

Cosplay: Where people dress up in costumes (Cos) and have fun (play); maids, BDSM, schoolgirl outfits (on big girls, not little girls), carnival-type, pirates, fictional characters, gangsters, gun-molls, etc.

Fashion: Modeling clothing, lingerie, shoes, fetish clothing, etc.

Portraiture: A portrait of a person (generally a head shot or upper torso & head)


Models (A section for our real-life Models)

Artistic Nude: No clothing, or a drape.

Artistic Non-Nude: Typically 'classic' style images where clothing is transparent/wet, short and sweet, or sexy dress.

Hair Styles: For modeling hair-dos/styles.

Lingerie: Bras, panties, garters, stockings, negligees, teddies, corsets, etc.

Makeup: Modeling makeup styles and tips.

Swimsuit: Wearing beach attire: bikinis, one-piece, mono-kinis, etc.



NOTE: It is implied here that any and everyone here can use whatever you put here commercially and non-commercially with your permission granted. If you use something from here, it's nice to credit the original artist in your Comments.

Clipart: Share your clip-art here for others. Digital figures for compositional images (.gifs).

Line Art/Character Sheets: sketches for ideas; role-playing character stats, descriptions, etc.

Reference (Photo): Share your photos for others to use as backgrounds, or .gif style figures for compositional work, etc.

Reference (Artwork):Share artwork that may be used for teaching, or .gif style for use by other artists for compositional work.

Textures: Share plants, trees (bark/leaves/flowers), fabric, human skin, animal skin/fur, metals, flowers textures here.


And there you go. Hopefully, it's a little clearer now! Smile

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