I've been out of the airbrushing loop for a few years, and am currently looking to restock my paint inventory. I've been using Golden Airbrush Acrylics in the past, but now see that Golden has changed their formula. You used to be able to use it right out of the bottle, but their new formula is thicker and requires a reducer to get it to flow through fine and super-fine nozzles. 

I've been looking into the Com-Art line by Iwata/Medea and do like the selections of opaque and transparent colors. However, I have read that the Com-Art brand isn't as hard as Golden and may be prone to flaking and lift-off problems if you use a masking film like FriskFilm. The claims I have read, however, state that Com-Art is more easily erasable than Golden due to not being as hard.

Are there any fellow airbrush illustrators on this site that have any experience with Com-Art airbrush acrylics? I'm intersted in some feedback before I spend any money on new pigments.


Dave, I like the com art just fine, as well as Badger and especially the Aeroflash by Holbein is probably the best.  I don't use frisk film anymore, so I don't know the stripping factor of the paint, but it has much more to do with the paper/illustration board surface for stripping than the paint.  And yes, the Golden is much much thicker, and nearly always has to be diluted and stirred, I use a dropper bottle for this activity. - Monte Moore - www.mavarts.com

Thank you for the information. I greatly appreciate it.

I typically use Crescent 300 illustration board 20X30 with my airbrush pieces. I try to use Frisk film sparingly, but there are some areas where I almost can't get away without a hard mask on certain projects. I used Golden when they first hit the market and they worked great right out of the bottle. I'm not thrilled with their new formula. 

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