If you are experiencing duplicate photo albums on your account, it was due to you performing an extra step that wasn't necessary.

When uploading photos via the Photos Page, you are given the option, after successful uploads, to edit the photos you just added. The edit feature allows you to rename your images, select pre-set categories to share them in, delete your photo, and move your photo to a different album. If you selected the album in which you want your photos to upload to when you uploaded them, that's all you need to do. You do not have to select to "Move" your photos to that album during the Photo Editing process. Doing so is what is creating the duplicate album.

Example:You are uploading photo.jpg to your Album A. After successful upload, the Edit Photo Page will appear. In the right column, you will see a thumbnail of your photo, with the option to Move your photo to another album. DO NOT use this unless you plan to move the photo to an album OTHER THAN Album A. If you select to move photo.jpg to Album A in this feature, you will create a duplicate Album A, and it will appear as Album A 2.

We hope this clarifies how to avoid this issue.


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